Air Conditioning has changed a great deal in the last 42 years. The systems today are far more environmentally sound and efficient than previous years. It’s now more important than ever that the environments we live, work, shop, work out in, are clean and comfortable. In addition to above, the modern Air Conditioning Systems can offer much more cost effective solutions, in terms of installation and ongoing running costs.


Ducted air conditioning units are designed to be completely concealed. The ducted air conditioning system is a versatile and well used residential / commercial air conditioning system. The ducted air conditioning system can be concealed in a false / suspended ceiling or on the ground. Most units are now powered by inverter driven compressors and come in high power output from 3.5 Kw to 20 Kw.


Reduced installation cost

AS the ducted systems serve the both purposes of heating and cooling, so its maintenance cost is low and thus it is easier and cheaper to maintain the equipment.  With a single unit or system it easier to determine the problems or even master them, thus allowing you to better predict problem which could occur in the future and prevent or avoid them. It’s also much cheaper to install these systems since it serves a single purpose and the single unit is cheaper to install then two, one serving heating while the other cooling.


Reduced Maintenance Cost

The cost of ducted air conditioning and heating is also considerably lower than having separate units. The saving come both with installation as well as the energy consumption since you are running one large AC or heating systems rather than running multiple systems. The single mechanism also allows you to heat or cool the entire building without needing to worry about individual rooms which makes it must easier and comfortable for the users.


Easier to monitor and keep track of the system

It is very easy to monitor the ducted system and one only need to keep track of single system rather than multiple systems. With the ducted air conditioning and heating systems you will find that the dials and other monitoring equipment is located in one location making it much easier  for the maintenance and management teams to keep any eye on the systems.


Provides an all in one solution for multi room buildings

It’s also very obvious that the ducted air conditioning and heating systems provide a very useful all in one solution to heating requirements. This is because the entire building or respective or selected rooms are connected by the ducted systems thus resulting in them serving the same purpose and making is simpler to monitor, manage and maintain. Today more people are opting for the all in one option since they will deliver higher quality services to the consumer and be less stressful to manage for the management teams.


To help assess your requirements, our in-house team of experts will visit you on-site, to determine the best solution that is right for you. Following our visit, we will provide you with a quote detailing system and installations costs, your recommended system, and other key details. Call us today to discuss your requirements.


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