Air Conditioning has changed a great deal in the last 42 years. The systems today are far more environmentally sound and efficient than previous years. It’s now more important than ever that the environments we live, work, shop, work out in, are clean and comfortable. In addition to above, the modern Air Conditioning Systems can offer much more cost effective solutions, in terms of installation and ongoing running costs.


VRVs are typically installed with an Air conditioner inverter which adds a DC inverter to the compressor in order to support variable motor speed and thus variable refrigerant flow rather than simply on/off operation. By operating at varying speeds, VRV units work only at the needed rate allowing for substantial energy savings at partial-load conditions. Heat recovery VRV technology allows individual indoor units to heat or cool as required, while the compressor load benefits from the internal heat recovery. Energy savings of up to 55% are predicted over comparable unitary equipment. This also results in greater control of the building's interior temperature by the building's occupants.


VRVs come in two system formats, two pipe and three pipe systems. In a heat pump 2 pipe system all of the zones must either be all in cooling or all in heating. Heat Recovery (HR) systems have the ability to simultaneously heat certain zones while cooling others; this is usually done through a three pipe design, with the exception of Mitsubishi which is able to do this with a 2 pipe system using a BC controller to the individual indoor evaporator zones. In this case the heat extracted from zones requiring cooling is put to use in the zones requiring heating. This is made possible because the heating unit is functioning as a condenser, providing sub-cooled liquid back into the line that is being used for cooling. While the heat recovery system has a greater initial cost, it allows for better zoned thermal control of a building and overall greater efficiencies.


The Benefits of VRV/VRF Systems

Conventional air conditioning systems service and control a building as a whole. In comparison, the VRV/VRF system can service and control each room or zone individually. The benefits of VRV/VRF systems include:


  • Monitored and individual room control
  • Greater occupant comfort
  • More effectively maintains desired room temperature conditions
  • Quicker and easier installation
  • More energy efficient with lower operating costs
  • Greater space efficiency with more compact hardware units
  • Greater design and system flexibility
  • Full modular design and fit of system to selected zones, floor areas and rooms
  • Supports separation of energy costs - by floor, or by tenancy
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling functions
  • Wide range of control systems including PC and web based control software
  • Easy to use and operate with centralised control systems
  • Optional energy efficient ‘heat recovery’ systems
  • Services and supports both new and retrofit buildings
  • Optional integration with building management systems


To help assess your requirements, our in-house team of experts will visit you on-site, to determine the best solution that is right for you. Following our visit, we will provide you with a quote detailing system and installations costs, your recommended system, and other key details. Call us today to discuss your requirements.


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